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Master’s Degree Programme in Sustainable management of Inland Aquatic Resources

Aquatic Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Apply by 15.02.2013

Aquatic Masters Programme (AMP)



Environmental knowledge

must be equally available

for everybody:


No tuition fee!


What is AMP

The Aquatic Masters Programme (AMP) is a 2-year (120 ECTS cr) programme, which will enable candidates who have completed three years study to Bachelor level to continue and complement their studies during two years of Masters study in order to specialize as experts in sustainable use of aquatic resources. Upon completion of studies, candidates will be granted the Master of Science (MSc) degree. The AMP is taught in English and therefore is open to international as well as Finnish students.

There is no tuition fee for AMP students.

The aim of the AMP is to produce highly trained Masters graduates with a background suitable for progression either to immediate employment or to doctoral training. Taught courses provide advanced training in the environmental and biological processes that determine the characteristics of inland waters and their ecological, economic and social value.  Students learn how this scientific understanding can be applied to the effective management of inland waters. A core part of the Programme is the individual research project with associated courses and seminars, providing students with essential independent research skills. The AMP will also promote awareness in students of the socio-economic importance of the subject through links to practitioners in organisations such as Finland's environmental administration, Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute etc.

The Programme starts annually in September.


Student statistics (Sept. 2012):

   Number of active students                                                        17

   Number of Master's degrees issued by September 2012       23

   Total                                                                                           40 (18 nationalities)


          5 of the masters studying for doctoral degree

          3 already doctors



Aquatic Masters tell: My AMP experience



Who can apply?

The main admission requirements are:

  • Bachelor degree in an appropriate subject (e.g. biology, ecology, environmental science) from a university with an internationally recognised academic standing, or equivalent qualifications

  • adequate command of English

  • proven interest in inland waters and their management



         The application round for the course starting in September 2013 will open on

         19th of November 2012

        and will end on

        15th of February 2013




         See application  instructions here


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