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Contributions to the History of Concepts

The former Newsletter of the HPSCG is being replaced by a publication entitled Contributions to the History of Concepts, http://contributions.iuperj.br/

Continuing with the tradition established by the Newsletter, CONTRIBUTIONS publishes articles, book reviews on subjects that are pertinent to conceptual history and neighboring fields of inquiry (history of political and social thought, intellectual history, etc). CONTRIBUTIONS also encourages authors to submit short presentations of their publis hed works. In addition, CONTRIBUTIONS has sections on news and announcements, commented bibliographical references and lists, and conference reports.

Articles should have a maximum length of 4,500 words or 30,000 characters including bibliography and notes. Book reviews and authorial presentations should have a maximum length of 10,000 characters including bibliography.

For now, CONTRIBUTIONS will only accept texts in English.

CONTRIBUTIONS has an A5 page format and will circulate both in PDF format and in printed paper. This smaller format allows for the issue to be printed in regular computer printers and thus to be easily assembled into a brochure format. Alternatively, the PDF file can also be read on the computer screen. The idea behind this two-fold strategy is to allow for a wider circulation through electronic media, in addition to having printed versions of the journal, which can be produced locally, thus drastically reducing operational costs.

CONTRIBUTIONS will be published biannually, with issues coming out in January and in July.

The newly appointed editors of CONTRIBUTIONS are
Joăo Feres Júnior (
jferes@iuperj.br) and
Sandro Chignola (chisa@sis.it).

Its editorial board is composed of selected members of the HPSCG. If you need further information, feel free to contact the editors.

CONTRIBUTIONS is looking forward to receiving your contribution!


Newsletter no 6 (pdf-version:


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