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VII International Conference of the History of Concepts

Program  (Call for Papers) 

Wednesday, 07/07

9:30 – Registration 

10:30 - Opening Remarks 

11:00 - Opening Lecture

Melvin Richter (City University of New York) 

12:30 – Lunch Break 

14:30 – The History of Concepts in Europe: National Projects

Javier Fernández Sebastián (Universidad del País Vasco)

From the history of thought to the historical semantics of a political lexicon: a Spanish experiment in conceptual history

Wyger Velema (University of Amsterdam)

Conceptual History: Dutch Perspectives

Henrik Stenius (University of Helsinki)

The reception of conceptual history in Finland 

16:00 – The History of Concepts in the New World: National Projects

Elias Palti (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes)

On the thesis of the essential refutability of concepts and intellectual Latin American history: from the history of political concepts to the history of political languages

Martin Burke (City University of New York)

Conceptual History in the United States: a Missing “National Project”

João Feres Júnior (IUPERJ)

Preliminary arguments for a history of concepts in Brazil

Thrusday, 07/08

9:30 – The Concept of Civilization

Pim den Boer (University of Amsterdam)

Civilization: comparing concepts and identities

Bernardo Ricupero (USP)

The ambiguous relation between romanticism and “civilization” in Brazil and Argentina (1830 – 1870)

Ilkka Liikanen (University of Joensuu – Finland)

The Finnish-Russian Border: a Marker of the Clash of Civilizations?

Carolina Rodríguez-Alcalá (Unicamp)

Culture and civilization in the discourses on the New World 

11:00 – The Concept of Nation/Nationalism

Ephraim Nimni (University of New South Wales)

The concept of National-Cultural Autonomy and its significance for contemporary theories of nationalism

Temístocles Cezar (UFRGS)

Varnhagen, a historian between Europe and the New World: essay on the concept of history in nineteenth century Brazil

Norma Côrtes (UFRJ)

The Being of nation is time: the concepts of nation and nationalism in the philosophy of Álvaro Vieira Pinto

Fernando Lattman-Weltman (PUC-RJ)

The adventures of liberalism in Brazil: making political negativity positive or the final victory of the concept 

12:30 – Lunch Break 

14:30 –Transatlantic Encounters and Conceptual Change

Ricardo Benzaquen de Araújo (IUPERJ/PUC-Rio)

Through the mirror: the presence of Europe and the elaboration of subjectivity in Joaquim Nabuco’s Minha Formação

José Eisenberg (IUPERJ)

Conceptual change and institutional practices: the moral theology of the Secunda Scholastica jesuits

Luciana Villas Boas (Columbia University)

The savage history of a pious author: exemplarity, difference and context in Hans Staden’s book 

16:00 - Europe in the New World

Jan Ifversen (Center for Kulturforskning, Dinamarca)

Who are the Westerners?

Rafael de Bivar Marquese (USP)

Slavery and patriarchal power in the writings on the government of the Americas, c.1660-1720

Christiane Laidler (UERJ)

Liberalism and slavery in the nineteenth century: ideas and historiography 

Friday, 07/09 

9:30 – Workshop: History of Concepts in Brazil

Session with short reports of ongoing research on conceptual history in Brazil  

11:00 – Transatlantic Encounters and Conceptual Change II

Leopoldo Waizbort (USP)

“dargestellte Wirklichkeit” and “the reality sentiment”: a transatlantic dislocation [in the field of literary studies]

João Adolfo Hansen (USP)

Rhetorical-theological categories of representation in the Catholic Luso-brazilian politics: from the sixteenth to the eitheenth century

Janete Flor de Maio Fonseca (Fundação Educacional Monsenhor Messias)

Letter of Brazilians in nineteenth century Europe

Christian Lynch (IUPERJ)

Modernity as a criterion for a conceptual history of the periphery  

12:30 – Lunch Break 

14:30 – The Concept of Citizen/Citizenship

Patricia Springborg (University of Sydney)

Classical Modeling and the Circulation of Concepts of Citizenship

Vicente Oieni (Iberoamerikanska institutet, Sweden)

The invention of the “enlightened citizen” in the Río de la Plata process of emancipation

Uffe Jakobsen (University of Copenhagen)

The Concept of Citizenship in the Danish Republic: Discourse in a Comparative Perspective

Maria Alice de Carvalho (IUPERJ)

The concept of citizenship in Brazil: construction and challenges 

16:00 – Roundtable: Methodological Conversation with the History of Concepts

Kari Palonen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)

Marcelo Jasmin (IUPERJ/PUC-Rio)

Rubén Darío Salas (Universidad de Buenos Aires) 

18:00 – Cocktail