Redescriptions Yearbook of Political Thought and Conceptual History


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CONTENTS 1997, Volume 1


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The Idea of the Yearbook, 4
Introduction. Reflections on Political Thought in Finland, 5


Koselleck, Reinhart

Temporalization of Concepts, 16


Richter, Melvin

Appreciating a Contemporary Classic.
The Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe and Future Scholarship
, 25

Palonen, Kari

An Application of Conceptual History to Itself. From Method

to Theory in Reinhart Koselleck‘s Begriffsgeschifte, 39


Haikala, Sisko

Criticism in the Enlightenment. Perspectives on Koselleck‘s Kritik

und Krise Study, 70

Pulkkinen, Tuija

The Postmodern Moment inPolitical Thought, 87 


Lagerspetz, Eerik

The Philosophy of Democracy and the Paradoxes on Majority Rule, 95

Book Reviews

Quante, Michael 

Hallamaa, Jaana: The Prisms of Moral Personhood, 131

Korhonen, Pekka

Kojima, Kioyshi:Trade, Investment and Pacific Economic Integration, 159

Nyyssönen, Heino

Litván, György (ed.): The Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Reform, Revolt and Repression 1953-1963, 152

Cavarero, Adriana

Pulkkinen, Tuija: The Postmodern and Political Agency, 137

Ihalainen, Pasi

Richter, Melvin: The History of Political and Social Concepts, 142


Contributors, 165