Jyväskylä Development Studies Symposium

Alkamisaika: keskiviikko 30. marraskuuta 2016, 14.00

Päättymisaika: torstai 01. joulukuuta 2016, 16.00

Paikka: Seminaarinmäki, 30.11. Ruusupuisto / 1.12. Lyhty

Jyväskylä Development Studies Symposium is hosted by the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of Jyväskylä.

Wednesday, Nov 30

(venue, Ruusupuisto D104 Helena)

Keynote speaker professori Payal Arora (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication)

  • 14.00 – 16.00 keynote, chair: Jeremy Gould, Payal Arora (Erasmus University): Databased democracies in the Global South.
    Comment: Sirpa Tenhunen (JyU)
  • 19.00 Symposium get-together (venue tbc)    

Thursday, Dec 1

(venue: Lyhty)   

  • 9:30 – 11.00 Networks, knowledge, politics (chair: Aili Pyhälä)
    Tiina Kontinen (JyU): Growth into citizenship: An approach to conceptualize learning in development 
    Eija Ranta (JyU) Transnational Indigenous Networks as Epistemic Partnerships: Towards new forms of global cooperation?
    Comment: Payal Arora
  • 11.00 – 12:30 Contested livelihoods (chair: Eija Ranta)
    Gutu Wayessa (UH): Land Leases in Oromia, Ethiopia: Changes in access to land for the local people. 
    Liina-Maija Quist (UH): The politics of access to the sea and livelihoods among small-scale fishers and the oil industry in Tabasco, Mexico Comment: Aili Pyhälä (JyU)
  • Lunch break
  • 13:30–15:30. chair: Tiina KontinenClaim-making in postcolonial Africa
  • Saana Hansen (JyU): Returnee migrant emplacement in Bulawayo 
  • Lalli Metsola (JyU): Incremental gains: Residential politics in Windhoek, Namibia 
  • Jeremy Gould (JyU): Shifting jurisdictions and environmental justice 
  • Comment: Marja Keränen (JyU)
  • 15.30 Coffee and closure
The event is held in English.


Jeremy Gould
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