Global L2 (Language & Literacy) Innovation Hub: EdTech to Enhance Early Language & Reading Acquisition, and Reading Comprehension: Cross-Language and Global Perspectives

Alkamisaika: perjantai 08. joulukuuta 2017, 10.15

Päättymisaika: sunnuntai 10. joulukuuta 2017, 14.00

Paikka: Mattilanniemi, Agora, Auditorio 3 ja Lea Pulkkisen sali

Welcome to join this meeting of experts from multiple disciplines (including cognitive science, neuroscience, education, computer science, policy, and education technology [EdTech])  to make progress on developing evidence-based technology-aided tools to support at-risk children across languages and cultures at three critical stages: 1] preschool oral language/vocabulary and numeracy; 2] reading acquisition; and 3] reading comprehension support (with consideration of links to STEM). Additional focus on opportunities and challenges in and around adult literacy and second language literacy will also be considered.



Ulla Richardson
+358 40 077 4468
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