13th International Conference on Developmental Coordination Disorder

Alkamisaika: keskiviikko 05. kesäkuuta 2019, 13.00

Päättymisaika: lauantai 08. kesäkuuta 2019, 16.00

Paikka: Mattilanniemi, Agora

DCD13 is built on previous interests and current topics in the field of DCD. The main theme of the conference is “Bridging the Disciplines”, whereby themes like underlying mechanisms, brain research in DCD and developmental disorders, early assessment, diagnosis and intervention of DCD, will be approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. DCD13 aims to reinforce our theoretical and applied knowledge of DCD in order to make it better understood and more known - and ultimately to provide knowledge transfer that can support the lives of those with DCD.

The conference programme is aimed for researchers, clinicians, researchers, educators, coaches, students, parents and community members.  DCD13 will include multidisciplinary symposia, workshops and a panel with the six keynote speakers. DCD13 will offer a great opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the world and to visit the plethora of local research centra in the fields of education, psychology, physical activity & sports and health sciences.


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