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Head of the Department Mikko Mönkkönen
Responsible for Administration, Research, Economic issues, Recruiting Personnel, Personnel's well-being
1. Vice-Head of the Department Johanna Mappes
Responsible for developing research and funding, head of the doctoral programme of the department
2. Vice-Head of the Department Juha Karjalainen
Responsible for Personnel Issues and Facility Issues
Pedagogic Head Jari Ylänne
Responsible for Teaching and Student's Issues

In the absence of the Head of the Department the Vice-Heads (in the order listed above) will work as acting Head of the Department in his place. The contact details of the administration can be found on the Personnel -page.

The issues under decision are prepared by the Management Board. 

The Professors, Lecturers, Senior assistants and Research Group Leaders of the department meet in the Department Collegium. This is a discussion and information forum which typically gathers few times each academic year.

The Departmental Meeting is an occasion to discuss and inform about the departmental issues for all the personnel and students in the department. Typically this occasion is twice each academic term. All the personnel will be informed per e-mail.

In order to get more information of the policies and aims of the department, please read the Quality Manual.

Updated 8.2.2017

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