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The department offers international master degree programmes in Biological and Environmental Science and Nanosciences. Programmes combine theory and practice so that students develop practical, analytical, and research skills for their future careers. In your studies, you have access to our state-of-the art laboratory facilities and possibility to work in the research groups. The academic staff is not only your teachers but also senior colleagues. See here for more information about the international programmes:

Also part of the courses of the Finnish Bachelors and Masters degree programmes are organized in English. Read more information about those programmes here.

Post-graduate studies

Information about Post-graduate studies can be found here.

Exchange studies

We are also happy to host international exchange students participating in exchange programs sponsored by the University. More information about the Department's ERASMUS exchange partners can be found here. Please follow the instructions and complete the forms provided by the University's International Office.

Information for international exchange students can be found on the web pages of the University of Jyväskylä’s International Office. In addition, specific departmental participation in the ERASMUS Lifelong Learning Programme is described on our ERASMUS pages. A list of courses which are (or can be) taught in English are found on the list: Courses in English.

Additional course information is available in Korppi.

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