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Virus-Nucleus Interactions

Research overview

In order to identify novel strategies for prevention and therapy of DNA virus infections, detailed knowledge of protein dynamics and interactions in the nucleus is of crucial importance. Moreover, viral infection provides a model system to illuminate global behaviour of nuclear proteinaceous structures, chromatin, nuclear pore complex (NPC) and nuclear envelope (NE) under stress condition, which is vital for understanding biology of cell and in development of virus-mediated gene therapy. Our studies aim to advance the state-of-the-art in describing specific virus-nucleus interactions and dynamics in the host cell nucleus. The model viruses in studies are herpesviruses, parvoviruses and baculoviruses. Creation of advanced modelling tools for analysis of protein transport will allow a quantitative  determination of biophysical properties of nuclear proteins.

Latest Publications:

Aho V, Myllys M, Ruokolainen V, Hakanen S, Mäntylä E,Virtanen J,Hukkanen V, Kühn T, Timonen J,Mattila K,Larabell C,and Vihinen-Ranta M. Chromatin organization regulates viral egress dynamics (Sci Rep, in print).

 Research project 2017: