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Aquatic Sciences


The division of Aquatic Sciences comprises of education and research in the following areas: limnology, hydrobiology, fish biology and fish research.

The division of Aquatic Sciences is experiencing an upswing in both education and research. Education is based on high-quality research of the division and links to research stations, corporate life and the surrounding society.

The division arranges education for about 100 students on different levels. It is possible to complete a Bachelors, Masters, Licentiates or Doctors Degree in Aquatic Sciences. Information about the studies can be found in the pages directed for students. Further, the division of Aquatic Sciences offers an international Masters Degree Programme in Sustainable Management of Inland Aquatic Resources.

The division of Aquatic Sciences has twelve people working permanently of whom 7 participate in teaching. A big part of the research is made by students preparing for their dissertation. Yearly the division hosts about 20 post-graduate students. See the major research themes in our division. The finnish pages of the division offer a more accurate description of the ongoing research.

Research seminars programme.

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