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Environmental Science

Topics of Environmental Science

The Environmental Science master programme of the University of Jyväskylä is mainly involved in the detection of environmental problems and risks, prevention of their consequences and reparation of the induced damages that includes periodic follow-up studies. The organized courses are multidisciplinary, since many of the research approaches require interdisciplinary skills. The research in the division aims to find sustainable solutions for the use of materials and resources, for the production of goods and energy and for financial life resulting in the conservation of nature and biodiversity.

Our key research subjects include:

  • Environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology
  • Environmental technology
  • Environmental microbiology

A large part of our research is related to the effects of humans to water bodies. In our research we also utilize geoinformatics and spatial statistics. The graduates of Environmental Science get the basic skills for a variety of work possibilities. Places of employment include research, administrative, educational and public relational positions in governmental bureaus, industrial companies and civil organizations.

A growing part of the teaching is given in English, making it possible for International students to participate in the education.


In the future, our research subjects will be described in more detail on their own pages. However, at the moment you can have a look at the pages of our personnel, and the projects and publications page.


  • Timetable of our (current/past) research seminar
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