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Publications and presentations

 Material produced in IMPERIA in English

Results of IMPERIA was presented internationally in various forums. These presentations that vary from short working reports to articles on scientific journals and conference presentations can be found and downloaded in the table below.


Good practices


Challenges of transparency and clarity in EIS

Elisa Vallius, Sakari Grönlund, Jorma Jantunen, Jyri Mustajoki, Jenni Neste & Sanna Vienonen: talk in the session Social media and participation in IAIA15 (PDF, 21.4.2015) 


Public participation


How to design and realize participation of stakeholders in MCDA processes? A framework for selecting an appropriate approach

Mika Marttunen, Jyri Mustajoki, Mikko Dufva & Timo P. Karjalainen: article in journal EURO Journal on Decision Processes

Usefulness of the internet in public participation

Anne Vehmas: talk in the session The role of digital and social media to facilitate public participation in IAIA15

MCDA methods in EIA


Comparison of Multi-Criteria Decision Analytical Software - Searching for ideas for developing a new EIA-specific multi-criteria software

Jyri Mustajoki & Mika Marttunen: report on comparison of several MCDA methods from EIA viewpoint (PDF, 19.2.2013)

The use of multi-criteria decision analysis in Environmental Impact Assessment

Jenni Neste & Timo P. Karjalainen: literature review on the use of MCDA in EIA (PDF 24.4.2013)

Improving effectiveness of EIA by a MCDA approach

Timo Karjalainen, Jenni Neste, Mika Marttunen, Jyri Mustajoki & Olli-Matti Tervaniemi: paper in the session Scoping: Are we getting it right? in IAIA13

Developing practices for supporting EIA with MCDA

Jyri Mustajoki, Mika Marttunen, Timo Karjalainen & Joonas Hokkanen: paper in the session Impact assessment innovation in IAIA13 

Developing practices for supporting EIA with Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Jyri Mustajoki, Mika Marttunen, Timo P. Karjalainen, Joonas Hokkanen & Anne Vehmas: Conference paper from IAIA13 (PDF, 22.7.2013)

MCDA methods supporting transparency and public involvement in EIA

Jenni Neste & Timo P. Karjalainen: talk in IAIA14


Impact significance assessment and comparison of alternatives


Deliberative approach to impact significance assessment

Mika Marttunen, Timo Karjalainen, Jyri Mustajoki & Anne Vehmas: paper in the session Significance: How and why is it determined? in IAIA13

Impact Significance Assessment and Evaluation of Alternatives - International Guidelines and Cases

Erkki Ikäheimo: report summarizing different approaches and methods used and recommended in EIA guidelines and manuals of international financing institutions (IFI) in comparing alternatives and assessing significance of impacts of projects (PDF, 25.6.2013)

Impact significance determination in environmental impact assessment

Mika Marttunen, Sanna Vienonen, Ulla Koivisto & Erkki Ikäheimo: literature review on impact significance determination (PDF, 29.6.2013)

Evaluation of new alternatives to improve landfill waste diversion in Reykjavik, Iceland

Sami Saltiola: Master´s thesis applying ARVI tool in comparison of alternatives (PDF, 8.12.2014)

IMPERIA: Impact significance assessment framework

Jyri Mustajoki, Mika Marttunen, Joonas Hokkanen, Sakari Grönlund, Timo P. Karjalainen & Anne Vehmas: talk in the session Practical approaches to impact significance assessment in IAIA15.

ARVI tool for impact significance assessment

Jyri Mustajoki, Mika Marttunen & Vesa Riekkinen: poster presentation (PDF, 20.4.2015)

How much is a lot? A systematic approach to impact significance assessment

Mika Marttunen & Jyri Mustajoki: Translation of the article published in Finnish in Vesitalous 6/2015, pp.40-44. (PDF, 30.12.2015)

IMPERIA: tools and practices in EIA for systematic  impact significance assessment

Mika Marttunen & Jyri Mustajoki: Talk in the Conference on the revised EIA directive in Luxembourg 12.11.2015





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