Bio- ja ympäristötieteiden laitos


These pages are made for the personnel in the Department of Biological and Environmental Science.

For Personnel

These pages include:

New in the house?

  • Instructions for new employees - there are a few things new employees should be aware of. This page helps you get settled into the Department.
  • Facilities - the Department of Biological and Environmental Science is mainly situated in the building Ambiotica. Read here what can be found where and find out useful tips about your working environment

Personnel matters


  • Services - here you can read about services available for employees of the university, whether on office time (pc support) or after the work (university sports and activities)


  • Teaching matters - this page is for the teaching personnel in the department and includes useful information about teaching and the learning environments Korppi and Optima
  • Degree regulations

Other instructions

  • Travel & economic issues - information about work-related travels, paying of representational expenses and ordering material
  • Informing channels - information how to contact whom and the policies how you should be contacted
  • Guidelines - some important guidelines of the department, here you'll find out how to use TUTKA, how to order materials and what are the hospitality instructions of the opponent



  • Forms - here are some forms useful for the personnel