How can I get a user account? What do I need a user account for?

You need a user license to be able to use the university's workstations and information systems. Students receive their user id during the orientation week and sign a user license with which they comply with the rules of use of the University data systems and network. The rules of use.

The staff also signs the user license and return it to the IT service's info desk with the signature of a superior.

User account

When granted a user account, you get a personal user name and password. With these, you can log in to several computer systems and services at the University:

  • the computer network, where you can save your files in your own home directory
  • your own electronic mail box
  • the Korppi registration system, where you can e.g. sign up for courses and examinations
  • Optima-learning Environment

User name and password are private and may not be given to anyone else.

The student license is valid during the time of your studies and a student is informed of the removal of the license before this happens. A staff license is valid during employment.

You can get assistance with potential problems concerning your user account from the IT Service’s Info Desk (X 125).