How do I know the status of my Profile Quota?

If you have exceeded your profile quota, you can't log out before the problem is solved. If you exceed the storage space (25 MB), you will get this notification after every 10 minutes:



a) Take contact to Local computer support 


b) (NOTE!! Only advanced users!) Clear your profile quota in the following way: 

You can find those files, which are taking a lot of profile storage space, by clicking  profileerror.png


Files you can find from  C:\Users\useraccount\AppData\

NOTE: Write the address to Explorer-window address line, because the AppData-folder is normally hidden.  


NOTE: If you edit your own profile, be aware! If you don't know, what you are deleting, please don't. If you delete something by accident, it might affect to function of the softwares or prevent using it.