Where to get a user account?

For your studies you will need a University of Jyväskylä user account

Please activate your user account before your studies begin. You will need your user account early in your studies.

Before you can activate the user account, your information must be in the JYU student register. In case you are unable to activate the user account via Finnish netbank accounts, it is likely that your information is not yet in the student register.

IT Services recommends to activate the user account via Finnish netbank accounts (partly in Finnish only).

Due to security reasons user accounts/passwords will not be delivered by email or by phone. There are several ways to deliver the user account:

  1. Using Finnish netbank accounts at OMA -service (partly in Finnish only)
  2. From tutors at the beginning of the term
  3. From the service desk of IT Services. Note: You may need to wait a while in the queue at the beginning of the term. Remember to take an identity card (e.g. passport) with you.