Study plans

Personal study plan (in Finnish Henkilökohtainen opintosuunnitelma = HOPS) is a plan outlining your goals in completing the studies and graduating with a degree. Its main purpose is to help you to estimate the workload required and to clarify your prior competences and overall objectives in studying. With the eHOPS application available in Korppi, you are able to plan your studies right to the course level. You can also schedule your studies and add your own arguments for taking a certain course.
  1. Composing your study plan This instruction explains how to create your study plan.
  2. Modifying study plans Modify your study plan in the Modify tab.
  3. Scheduling your study plan You can schedule your studies in your study plan either in Modify or in Schedule view. In the Modify view you can easily schedule one course at a time, whereas in the Schedule view you can schedule several courses at the same time.
  4. Adding arguments in your study plan You can add arguments for all elements of your study plan. Also your supervisor can add arguments.
  5. Surveys Your department or faculty may have attached surveys to your study plan but they are not obligatory. You can answer the surveys in Surveys tab.
  6. Reviewing study plans
  7. Study plans composed by others
  8. Giving rights and copying the study plan
  9. Questions about composing study plans