Your JYU workstation and software

Instructions on saving your data and installing software

Saving your data

  • Save all your files to your personal network drive (visible as a U drive when you've logged in to JYU computers). A backup of this drive is made automatically.

Network drive

Available software

  • Each workstation is equipped with the same basic software package.
  • Majority of the software installations and updates are done by the IT services.
    • You may ask the pc-support to install custom software if you have the licence purchased.
  • If you need a software that is not included in the basic package, please contact the IT services. NB! Some of the software have a license fee so before contacting the IT services agree with your superior about acquiring the software.
  • Some optional software can be installed by the user directly from the Software Center (e.g. browsers etc.)
  • The list of available software in the JYU computer labs
  • You can also use GoogleApps or Office 365 services: