How to find your home directory

What to do in order to find out where your home directory is

Resolving your home directory U using <https://account.jyu.fi/> service

An easy way to retrieve your home drive U is to use the password service https://account.jyu.fi/. You can use this service everywhere if you have a web connection.

Login to the service using your JYU account and password. Your personal home drive's (U drive) path can be found on the User account and email page under Directories  Home directory location. 

Finding the home directory through the AD network

For this you have to be logged in to a computer within the University's AD network. This means that you have to be somewhere on campus.

Step by step

Choose Computer from the Start menu and click with the right button of the mouse for the selected drive (U, W, etc.) and choose Properties.



If there is a DFS option, click the tab.


The home directory's physical path is in the Referral list. Write down the text of your Home directory for further use. Please note that the DFS option is not available for all network drives.

You can enlarge the path field to view the entire path by dragging the | separator, just as in the Excel application.