Transferring files between your own computer and university home directory using WinSCP

How to upload and download files to and from your own university home directory (U-drive) and www-directory (W-drive) using WinSCP.


1. WinSCP: This How-to describes the mandatory steps to transfer files between your own computer and university home directory with free SFTP Client WinSCP. Download WinSCP from http://winscp.net/.

2. Remote access: You will also need to activate your remote access to the university's direct access servers. Activate your Unix access by logging in to "Password change service" via http://salasana.jyu.fi and clicking "Activate Unix". It takes about a half an hour to take effect.

Connecting to remote servertransferring-files-between-your-own-computer-and-university-home-directory_alkuikkuna2.png

1. Open WinSCP. Type the following information to the login window:

  • Host name: jalava.cc.jyu.fi or halava.cc.jyu.fi
  • User name: your university user name
  • Password: your password
  • Port: 22 (default)






2. Click Login. On the first connection the program asks for confirmation for an unknown host key. This is normal, and by clicking Yes you confirm that the host you are connecting is trusted. After the confirmation the connection is made.


3. Next you will get an Authentication Banner pop up window, and after clicking Continue you will see your home directory listing. If you do not wish to see the authentication banner every time you connect, click on "Never show this banner again".

4. The main view of WinSCP is very simple: On the left side of the window are the files on your own computer, and on the right side are the files in your university home directory. To Copy files and folders back and forth, just click on the desired file once and select "Copy" from the bottom toolbar.

To copy files to your WWW-directory double click on the empty area of the address bar, then in the new window change autohome to wwwhome and Click OK. Double click the html directory in the right side of the window to see the contents of your WWW-directory.


5. When you are done copying the files, just close the window and you will be disconnected.


For more information on using WinSCP visit WinSCP homepage at http://winscp.net/