The Finnish Network for Childhood Studies

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The Finnish Network for Childhood Studies 2007-2009


The Finnish Network for Childhood Studies is a multidisciplinary network that interconnects local and thematic research networks, research groups, and individual researchers working within childhood studies in Finland.    


Main aims of the network

  • to create a variety of opportunities for the researchers to converse and collaborate across various disciplines
  • to form a general view of the current state of childhood studies and the future challenges in the field
  • to establish preconditions for a multidisciplinary childhood research programme
  • to promote interaction and collaboration among researchers, administrative organizations, decision-makers, and the practice
  • to establish and enhance contacts with international research centers and networks


The network facilitates and promotes co-operation

  • Web pages that include an electronic database about researchers and ongoing projects 
  • Electronic mailing list for discussion and notices
  • Conferences, seminars, workshops, and other meetings


Special Interest Group meetings, themes and location

     1)     Agency and participation, Jyväskylä

     2)     Children & Politics, Tampere

     3)     Children and control, Helsinki

     4)     Northern dimension, Oulu 


The Childhood Studies network receives funding from the ITLA foundation and the coordination is located at the University of Jyväskylä.

The network organization includes a national executive group formed by representatives from various universities, research centres, and child policy organizations.  



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