One can apply for the faculty's doctoral school twice a year. The application periods are 1.-29.3. and 1.-31.8. ending at 3 p.m. Finnish time.

Doctoral School in Education and Psychology

The Doctoral School of the Faculty of Education and Psychology forms a part of the University of Jyväskylä Graduate School for Doctoral Studies (JYUGS). The Doctoral School organises doctoral training according to the general principles of the University Regulations, Degree Regulations and the principles established by the JYUGS. There are two doctoral programmes at the faculty:

 The Faculty Doctoral School has a steering board that is responsible for the following preparation assignments:

·         discussions and decision proposals on major definitions of policy (for example curriculum, the criteria for evaluation, structure of article-based dissertation)

·         responding requests from JYUGS

·         matters dealing with auditing of doctoral training and quality control

·         proposed decisions on problematic situations (complaints, statements)

·         principles of selection criteria of employment contracts of doctoral students and questions of justice (transparency).


The programme boards are responsible for preparation of the following processes:

·         opening up application processes for doctoral study rights and salaried positions of doctoral students in the faculty.

·         reading, evaluating and making proposed decisions for the dean concerning the doctoral study rights and employment contracts

·         amending the curriculums and processing changes

·         proposed decisions on problematic situations (complaints, statements)

·         informing supervisors about programme level matters


The board of the doctoral programme in education is also responsible for the following tasks:   preparatory tasks concerning pre-examination and examination processes (the formal examination of the dissertation’s structure and preparatory tasks of naming the pre-examiners and docentships).


 Each student is enrolled in only one doctoral programme.During the doctoral training, students familiarise themselves profoundly with their own field of research in order to develop a readiness to independently and critically apply scientific research methods and create new scientific knowledge. In addition to independent research, the degrees include discipline-specific studies and transferable skills studies.

There is no fixed quota for international students at the Faculty of Education and Psychology. Please note that you apply for the status of doctoral student  (study right) which is not a position with a salary.  Moreover, an applicant who is not a citizen of an EU/EEA country is not automatically granted an entry visa or residence permit to Finland.

The curriculum of the Doctoral School here 

Link to the recording of the Orientation to doctoral studies 19th Jan, 2018