SDG 4: Contribution of Global Education 23 – 24 Oct 2018

Finland is committed to implementing the Global Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN General Assembly (2015). One of the goals (SDG4) is quality education for all.

  • How JYU and its partners do global education? 
  • How SDG4 is supported through global education?
  • Come and tell, listen and participate!

SDG4-JYU2018, an international participatory seminar at the Faculty of Education and Psychology presents our teaching, research, collaboration and partners. The seminar is open for all JYU students and staff, and everyone interested in global education. Our partners, including schools and NGOs will present their work on global education.  We will offer knowledge, interactive sessions, guest lectures and sharing of experiences.

Programme for SDG4 seminar 2018 here! And workshop details here!! 

You are warmly welcome! 

Registration for 2018 seminar is closed!! For JYU students attending SDG4 seminar as a part of MCE0240 / EDUS1030 courses, enrolment in Korppi is sufficient! You do not need to fill the form!!!

Do you or your organization want to be involved?


Elisa Heimovaara, elisa.heimovaara@jyu.fi, +358400247421

Hanna Posti-Ahokas, hanna.posti-ahokas@jyu.fi, +358408055128


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