Research in the Faculty of Education and Psychology

Research in brief

The Faculty of Education and Psychology is an internationally and domestically renowned provider of research and education. In collaboration with the Finnish Institute for Educational Research, the faculty provides an attractive, multidisciplinary cluster of research and competence. With its clear profile, the faculty strengthens the University’s visibility in the sector of multidisciplinary learning and teaching.

Internationally and domestically influential research in various areas of strength:
1) Interaction in learning, education and therapy
2) Learning
• learning difficulties, cognitive development, emotions and motivation, digitalisation, peer relationships
• neural background of learning, developing brains
3) Family and childhood
• growth and learning environments, participation, parenthood and family relationships
4) World of work
• workplace learning, wellbeing, identity, human agency and leadership research
5) Teaching, guidance and education
• Pedagogical research and experimental research connected to learning environments, development of schools, mobile and online interventions, internationality, cultural diversity and multilingualism, equality of education, wellbeing, democracy and human agency

Areas of research strength in Education

(division in accordance with the  research strategy of the former faculty of education)
Processes of learning, teaching and guidance
Professional identities, career paths and competence in a changing work life
Wellbeing, participation and contexts of growth of children and young people
Special topics of learning and participation
Education of the future and societal change

Areas of research strength at the Department of Psychology

Development of motivation and learning
Cognitive neuropsychology
Psychology of work and organisations
The methodology of longitudinal and process-oriented research

The Faculty of Education and Psychology is the main stakeholder in the MultiLeTe project (Jyväskylä Centre for Research on Learning and Teaching) funded by the Academy of Finland.

The faculty plays an important role especially in the following emerging research themes:
• Interdisciplinary brain research (application for this profiling project was submitted in autumn 2016)
• Pedagogy and digitalisation in increasingly multimodal learning environments

The faculty pursues strategic projects to develop the following:
• Method teaching in human sciences
• Research on families and childhood
• A new entity of minor subject studies which enables subject teachers in basic education to attain a class teacher qualification