Centre for Research on Learning and Teaching (CLT) - New initiatives with cooperation

Centre for Research on Learning and Teaching_366.pngThe Centre for Research on Learning and Teaching (CLT) is housed in the Faculty of Education and Psychology. It consists of dozens of professors and researchers in the fields of education, teacher training, special education, psychology and cognitive neuroscience.

The focal research themes are:

  • The neural basis of learning and learning disabilities
  • Real time research and modelling of learning and classroom interaction
  • Interventions regarding learning disabilities and low motivation
  • Technology-based learning environments
  • Statistical modelling of learning and development

High-level international research, doctoral education, acquisition of research funding, new initiatives to research as well as basic training in the field form the core of the centre’s activities. CLT is open by nature and welcomes novel approaches and networking.

CLT promotes multidisciplinary research projects and new initiatives. These are exemplified by research projects on learning disabilities, quality of classroom interaction and well-being of teachers. These projects combine pedagogic observational data with the measuring of psychophysiological stress hormonal level.

Examination of students’ motivational variation during lessons using frequently measured smartphone enquiries also exemplifies the new initiatives. Approaches like this provide more diverse and exact information about the essential phenomena regarding learning than before. The results can also be applied to teacher training.

The research laboratories of the Jyväskylä Centre for Interdisciplinary Brain Research and the Department of Psychology study the basic phenomena of learning on brain level, utilizing the newest brain research technology. Researchers from different faculties cooperate in figuring out the prerequisites of learning, learning processes as well as factors affecting them, from the level of single nerve cells to the brain’s systemic entity.

Brain development and adaptability form the basis for adopting new information. Research provides new understanding of how different individual factors affect both learning abilities and well-being during the course of a person’s life.

The Centre for Research on Learning and Teaching is funded by the MultiLeTe profiling project of the Academy of Finland, which started in 2015. After a five-year funding period, the research centre proceeds with funding by the University.


The centre has three heads: the Professors Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen (PI) and Kaisa Aunola and Senior Researcher Tiina Parviainen. The activities of the centre are supervised by a management team. The events of CLT are coordinated by Project researcher Jenni Ruotsalainen.