Courses for visiting students

Information on available courses and timetables in academic year 2017/2018.

 The Faculty of Education and Psychology welcomes approximately a hundred visiting students every year. For more information about available courses, please contact Ms Elisa Heimovaara.

Please note that only courses marked with ALL on the course programme are available for exchange students from other faculties. Most of the courses are only for students registered at the Faculty of Education and Psychology. The number of available places in most courses is limited.

Please note that the courses offered by the two international Master's degree programmes of the Faculty offer very few places for exchange students, due to specific study background requirements and small group sizes.
The Master's degree students will be given priority in registration (EDUSxxx, EDLSxxx).
The fourth character in the course code indicates the level of study: P = Basic studies, A = Intermediate studies, S = Advanced studies.

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