The Guidance and Counselling

The Guidance and Counselling Education and Research Unit operates in the Department of Teacher Education of the University of Jyväskylä. It dates back to 1971, when the School Counselling Training Programme was launched. The unit aims at promoting education and research in the field of guidance and counselling. Its major challenges during the recent years have been:

  • Responding to the increasing demand for school counsellor education
  • Development of  postgraduate education and research
  • Development of continuing professional education
  • Intensification of national and international cooperation in education and research

The unit’s main focus areas are:

  • Guidance and counselling in higher education
  • Guidance and counselling in the work-life context
  • Theoretical and philosophical questions in guidance and counselling

The Guidance and Counselling Education and Research Unit has actively responded to societal changes and the increasing demand for study counsellors by creating new pedagogical approaches to basic counselling and guidance education (i.e. master’s and multimodal education). Additionally, the unit has been an active participant in regional, national and international development projects.

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Guidance and Counselling Unit
Department of Teacher Education
PhD Sauli Puukari
P.O. Box 35 (Ruusupuisto)
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