Nordplus network in Psychology

Nordplus network in Psychology - Project description

Project Summary

The Nordplus Network in Psychology aims at collaboration of Psychology departments in Nordic Universities. The main purpose of the activities in the network is to provide Psychology teachers and researchers opportunities for visits at Nordic Universities and for discussions on the common topics of education, supervision and research, to provide psychology students the opportunity to study in another Nordic country, and to develop and strengthen collaboration in professional Psychology education in the Nordic countries.

Project description

The overall objective of the activities in this Nordplus network is to enhance the cooperation between Nordic universities in the area of Psychology and especially the professional education in the area. In addition to the active connections within the academic research on Psychology, the cooperation is also utilised in teaching.

The network in Psychology has been established at 1990’ and has been active for over 20 years. The network meetings have taken place on a regular basis.

The Psychology network activities include the following: student exchange, teaching visits, planning of mutual study modules and utilising research connections in teaching. The network activities during the following years will focus on student exchanges, the involvement of students in research projects as part of their exchange and enhancing the teacher/researcher exchanges.

Partner universities

At the moment the Department of Psychology of the University of Jyväskylä is coordinating the network. The head coordinator is Professor Raimo Lappalainen.

For more information: International Coordinator Elisa Heimovaara

For JYU students: applications through Mobility Online system, application period 15 Jan - 15 Feb 2019