Brain and psychophysiological research

Research groups

Aktiivinen mieli -ryhmä

The Active Mind Lab group is interested in how learning and interventions change cognitive, emotional and brain functioning. The name of the group reflects the aim to produce knowledge that can be used for promoting learning, mental health and active and healthy aging.

Ke­hi­tyk­sel­li­nen kog­ni­tii­vi­nen neu­ro­tie­de

The group's goal is to understand the processes related to learning and learning difficulties, and in particular, those related to fluent and dysfluent reading and why reading is difficult for some children. The group's aim is also to develop well-targeted remediation and training approaches.

Neurotiede ja käyttäytyminen

The group studies how memories are formed and stored in the brain. Their research concentrates on the role of the hippocampus as an orchestrator of relational learning in the mammalian brain.