Clinical psychology and psychotherapy

The aim of our research is to increase understanding of the phenomena relevant for clinical psychology, to develop and study psychological and psychotherapeutic interventions, and to promote well-being and health in individuals, couples, and families. In our projects, we integrate research, education, and training in comprehensive manner. Research is conducted at the Psychotherapy Training and Research Centre of the Department of Psychology and in collaboration with several partners in different projects. In our projects, we focus on interactions, processes of change, and outcomes of the interventions. In our studies, both qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as mixed methods approaches are used.

Professors & Senior Researchers

  • Tuija Aro 
  • Juha Holma 
  • Kirsti-Liisa Kuusinen 
  • Virpi-Liisa Kykyri 
  • Aarno Laitila
  • Raimo Lappalainen 
  • Jaakko Seikkula (emeritus)
  • Jarl Wahlström (emeritus)


  • Päivi Lappalainen 
  • Helena Päivinen 
  • Panajiota Räsänen