Senior researchers

Taru Feldt

Saija Mauno

Anne Mäkikangas

Anne Puolakanaho

Postdoctoral researchers

Mari Huhtala

Katriina Hyvönen

Ting Cheng

Pia Pihlajasaari, Anne Mäkikangas, Taru Feldt and Saija Mauno

Phd students

Pia Pihlajasaari

Maiju Kangas

Hiroyki Toyama

Marika Rantanen

Jennifer Pickett

Sanna Kinnunen


Pia Pihlajasaari, Anne Mäkikangas, Taru Feldt and Saija Mauno


Our research group focuses on employees’ wellbeing from different viewpoints. We investigate both work-related illbeing (e.g. job burnout, stress, recovery problems, work–family interference) and wellbeing (e.g. work engagement, goal setting, commitment). In addition, we examine changes in working life and job/economic insecurity from a wellbeing perspective. Research on different resources, such as ethical organisational culture, job control and personal resources, is also active in our research group. We study a range of occupational groups (e.g. managers, healthcare workers), teams and organisations. Many studies are based on longitudinal designs and/or large surveys.

Recently, our studies have been funded by the Academy of Finland, the Finnish Work Environment Fund, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, and the Foundation for Municipal Development.

Selected recent publications 2012–2015

Feldt, T., Hyvönen, K., Oja-Lipasti, T., Kinnunen, U., & Salmela-Aro, K. (2012). Do work ability and job involvement channel later personal goals in retirement? An 11-year follow-up study. International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, 85, 547-558.

Feldt, T., Huhtala, M., Kinnunen, U., Hyvönen, K., Mäkikangas, A., & Sonnentag, S. (2013). Long-term patterns of effort-reward imbalance and over-commitment: Investigating occupational well-being and recovery experiences as outcomes. Work & Stress, 27, 64-87.

Huhtala, M., Feldt, T., Hyvönen, K., & Mauno, S. (2013). Ethical organisational culture as a context for managers’ personal work goals. Journal of Business Ethics, 114, 265-282.

Mauno, S., De Cuyper, N., Kinnunen, U., Rantanen, J., Ruokolainen, M. & Mäkikangas, A. (2014). The prospective effects of work-family conflict and enrichment on job exhaustion and turnover intentions: Comparing long-term temporary vs. permanent workers across three waves. Work & Stress (in press).

Mauno, S., De Cuyper, N., Tolvanen, A., Kinnunen, U., & Mäkikangas, A. (2014). Occupational well-being as a mediator between job insecurity and turnover intention. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 23, 381-394.

Mauno, S., Ruokolainen, M., & Kinnunen, U. (2013). Does aging make employees more resilient to job stress? Age as a moderator in the job stress-well-being relationship in three Finnish occupational samples. Aging & Mental Health, 17, 411-422.

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Mäkikangas, A., Feldt, T., Kinnunen, U., & Mauno, S. (2013). Does personality matter? A review of individual differences in occupational well-being. In A. Bakker (Ed.), Advances in positive organizational psychology (pp. 107-143). Advances in positive organizational psychology (Volume 1). Iso-Britannia: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.

Mäkikangas, A., Kinnunen, S., Rantanen, J., Mauno, S., Tolvanen, A., & Bakker, A. (2014). Association between vigor and exhaustion during the workweek: a person-centered approach to daily assessments. Anxiety, Stress and Coping, 27, 555-575.


Adjunct Prof. Taru Feldt,

Adjunct Prof. Saija Mauno,

Adjunct Prof. Anne Mäkikangas,