Work and Organizational Psychology

In the department of Psychology, the research in the field of Work and Organizational Psychology has specialized in examining and developing well-being at work from an ethically sustainable perspective. Increased learning demands are prominent in the modern work life, and therefore we focus on helping individuals, work communities, and organizations to cope with the constantly changing expectations to develop new skills and to acquire new information.  We investigate work life intensification and digitalization from the perspectives of employee well-being and motivation. In addition, we have been developing a new stream of research, which looks into ethical practices within organizations, such as (ethical) leadership and ethical organizational culture as ways of supporting well-being at work. We have also developed interventions that utilize nature environments in increasing well-being and motivation. To summarize, our research aims to investigate and develop individual employees, different occupational groups (such as leaders or nurses), teams, and organizations. Many of our studies are based on longitudinal datasets that have followed the same individuals over several years.

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