Aro Tuija, Yliopistonlehtori / Senior Lecturer

Aro Tuija, Yliopistonlehtori / Senior Lecturer
Short number:
KÄRKI Aa351.1.

Areas of Interest

Child neuropsychology, developmental neurocognitive disorders, learning disabilities, self-efficacy and psychosocial wellbeing, child psychotherapy, interventions,


Research Areas

Learning disabilities and self-efficacy, continuity of learning disabilities

Recent Publications

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Teaching (list of courses)

PSYS301 Orientation on professional fields of practice, 3 ECTS cr.

PSYS122 Neuropsychology III A: Clinical neuroscience and neuropsychology, 5 ECTS cr.

PSYS142 Clinical Psychology III A, 5 ECTS cr.

PSYS303 Interviewing skills, 2 ECTS cr.

PSYS321 Supervised practice, 30 ECTS cr.

PSYS311 Basics of psychological assessment and report writing, 2 ECTS cr.

PSYS329 Internship II, 5 ECTS cr.

PSYA320 Internship I, 5 ECTS cr.

PSYA210 Barchelor's Thesis, 10 ECTS cr