Aunola Kaisa, Professori / Professor

Aunola Kaisa, Professori / Professor
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Areas of Interest

Parenting and family relations, family as developmental context for children's socio-emotional and academic learning, quantitative methods related on modeling developmental dynamics 

Research Projects

Why my research is important?
The key aim of my research is to identify different parenting and family related processes that play a role in children’s and adolescents’ socio-emotional and academic learning either as developmental resources or as risk factors of adaptive development. By adding scientific understanding on these family processes will provide a basis for the development of effective programs to foster family well-being and prevent youth school dropout and marginalization from society.

List of Publications

Teaching (list of courses)

PSYA110 Kehityspsykologia II
PSYA202 Psykologian tutkimusmenetelmät II: Kvantitatiiviset tutkimusmenetelmät
PSYS210 Tutkimustyö (pro gradu -tutkielma)
PSYS291 Loppukoe