Feldt Taru, Professori / Professor

Feldt Taru, Professori / Professor
Short number:
KÄRKI Aa352.2.

Areas of Interest

Work and Organizational Psychology
Personality Psychology
Adult development

 Research Areas

- Employee Well-being
- Ethical culture of organizations
- Ethical strain
- Psychometrics and scale validations

Publications (Tutka)

Teaching (list of courses)

- Personality Psychology II
- Personality Psychology III
- Work and Organizational Psychology II
- Methods of Occupational Well-being
- Developmental Psychology III (Adult Development)

This trailer is the final assignment of a doctoral student Maiju Kangas for the course 'popularizing science'. It is based on a research paper ”Why do managers leave their organization? Investigating the role of ethical organizational culture in manager turnover in a 4-year follow-up study” (in process).