Mauno Saija, Yliopistotutkija / University Researcher

Mauno Saija, Yliopistotutkija / University Researcher
Short number:
KÄRKI Aa365.1.



Saija Mauno, Dr., Professor (in psychology)

Current Position:

Senior researcher at the University of Jyväskylä (50 %)

Full professor (work and organizational psychology) at the University of Tampere (50 %)

Academic education and degrees awarded:

Lectureship (adjunct professor) in Work Psychology/University of Jyväskylä/Department of Psychology, Finland/2003

PhD in Work Psychology/University of Jyväskylä/Department of Psychology, Finland/1999 Dissertation: “Job insecurity as a psychosocial job stressor in the context of the work-family interface”

MA in Psychology/University of Jyväskylä/Department of Psychology, Finland/1995

Areas of Interest:

Work and Organizational Psychology

Research Areas:

Occupational health psychology from the perspective of stress, coping, recovery, work-family interface, and job and organizational resources

The Relevance and Benefits of Research:

- To manage job stress and job insecurity

- To identify resources that are beneficial in maintaining good work-family balance

- To whom? Employees, organizations, families, policy representatives

Recent (international) Publications 2013-2015:

Mauno, S., DeCuyper, N., Tolvanen, A., Kinnunen, U., & Mäkikangas, A. (2014). Occupational well-being as a mediator between job insecurity and turnover intention. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 23 (3), 381-394.

Cheng, T., Mauno, S., & Lee, C. (2014). The buffering effect of coping strategies in the relationship between job insecurity and employee well-being. Economic and Industrial Democracy, 35(1), 71-94.

Mauno, S., Ruokolainen, M., & Kinnunen, U. (2013). Does aging make employees more resilient to job stress? Age as a moderator in the job stress-well-being relationship in three Finnish occupational samples. Aging & Mental Health, 17, 411-422.

Ruokolainen, M., Mauno, S., & Cheng, T. (2014). Are the most dedicated nurses more vulnerable to job insecurity? Age-specific analyses on family-related outcomes. Journal of Nursing Management, 22 (8), 1042-1053.

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Lo Presti, A., & Mauno, S. (2014). Are control and support beneficial buffers against work-family barriers? Evidence from Italy. International Journal of Stress Management (online first).

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Teaching (list of courses):

Work and Organizational Psychology III (advanced level) at the University of Jyväskylä

Several courses (post-graduate) at the University of Tampere

Supervising master, licenciate and doctoral students