Pulkkinen Lea, Professori / Professor Emerita

Pulkkinen Lea, Professori / Professor Emerita


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Areas of Interest

   Longitudinal study of human development

  • The Jyväskylä Longitudinal Study of Personality and Social Development, JYLS (Lapsesta aikuiseksi -tutkimus) that I began in 1968 and conducted as a principal investigator until 2012 for data collections from age 8 to age 50).   
  • Twin study: FinnTwin 12 in which I was invited to participate in the early 1990s by professors Richard Rose (Indiana University, Bloomington) and Jaakko Kaprio (University of Helsinki).

A reform of students’ school day structure to include care when needed, and extracurricular activities in arts and other areas.
Application of research findings for the improvement of childhood within the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group.

Research Areas

The coverage of research areas is large as can be seen in the recent book on Human development from middle childhood to middle adulthood which integrates the research findings of the JYLS: aggression and nonaggressive behavior, that is, socioemotional behavior and self-regulation with the special interest in positive behavior; personality and psychological functioning; education and career; family;  health and health behavior; social functioning; and work. Also in the twin study socioemotional behavior and health behavior have been targets of study.

Publications since 2015 

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