Ruohonen Elisa, Apurahatutkija / Grant Researcher

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Research Area

Neural basis of depression; efficacy of brief cognitive therapy for depression; depression in aging

The Relevance and Benefits of my Research

The research will provide new understanding on neural basis of depression in different age groups and the efficacy of brief cognitive therapy intervention.  The purpose is to identify neural markers of depression which can potentially help in diagnosing depression and in predicting responses to treatment.  


Ruohonen, E.M., & Astikainen, P. (2017). Brain responses to sound intensity changes dissociate depressed participants and healthy controls. Biological Psychology, 127, 74-81.

Kurkela, J.L.O., Lipponen, A., Ruohonen, E., & Astikainen, P. (2016). Optogenetiikka - valoa muistitutkimukseen. Psykologia. 51, 84-93.


Personal grant for conducting PhD-work for year 2016 from Finnish Cultural Foundation