Sorkkila Matilda, Tutkijatohtori / Postdoctoral Researcher

Sorkkila Matilda, Tutkijatohtori / Postdoctoral Researcher

Areas of interest
Burnout, adolescent development, parenting, research methods

Research projects 
 -Winning in the Long Run 
 -Vanhemmuuden Voimavara- ja Kuormitustekijät- tutkimus (part of the International Investigation of Parental Burnout- project)

 Why is my research important? 
Burnout research among adolescent student-athletes is important not only from the perspective of student-athletes’ mental health and overall wellbeing, but also from the perspective of sport and school dropouts. Parental burnout, in turn, may influence the functioning and wellbeing of the whole family and also have cascading negative societal impacts. My research is focused on investigating adolescent student-athletes’ sport and school burnout (part of the Winning in the Long Run-project), on the one hand, and parental burnout (VoiKu-project), on the other hand. In addition to increasing awareness, the research aims to develop practical tools for early burnout prevention.

Recent publications

 Sorkkila, M., Ryba, T. V., Selänne, H., & Aunola, K. (2018). Development of school and sport burnout among adolescent student-athletes: A longitudinal mixed methods study. Journal of Research on Adolescence. In press.

 Sorkkila, M., Aunola, K., Salmela-Aro, K., Tolvanen, A., & Ryba, T. V. (2018).The co-developmental dynamic of sport and school burnout among student-athletes: the role of achievement goals. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport, 28(6), 1731-1742.

 Sorkkila, M., Aunola, K., & Ryba, T. V. (2017). A person-oriented approach to sport and school burnout in adolescent student-athletes: the role of individual and parental expectations. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 28, 56-67.

 Sorkkila, M., Ryba, T. V., Aunola, K., Selänne, H., & Salmela-Aro, K. (2017). Sport Burnout Inventory — dual career form: Assessing validity and reliability in a Finnish sample of student-athletes. Journal of Sport and Health Science. In press.


 Developmental Psychology 1 (PSYP110)