Courses in Psychology

Lecture courses in English

  • The Contemporary Issues in Psychology (CIP) programme includes courses in Psychology lectured in English. The CIP programme is open for all JyU degree and visiting students who have some basic knowledge in psychology.

Book exams in Psychology

Study Programme 2014 - 2017

Visiting Psychology students can complete the following courses by independent study in English (i.e. writing essays and/or taking a written examination). For further information please contact the international coordinator of the Department.

  • Subject Studies in Psychology (click to open list)

    PSYA110 Developmental Psychology II, 5 ECTS
    PSYA120 Neuropsychology II, 5 ECTS
    PSYA130 Personality Psychology II, 5 ECTS
    PSYA151 Work and Organization Psychology II, 5 ECTS  
    PSYA170 Cognitive Psychology II, 5 ECTS
    PSYA180 Geropsychology, 5 ECTS
    PSYA202 Quantitative methods II, 5 ECTS
  • Advanced Studies in Psychology (click to open list)
    Open only for Master's level exchange students in Psychology

    PSYS112 Developmental Psychology III A
    PSYS113 Developmental Psychology III B
    PSYS122 Neuropsychology III A: Clinical neuroscience and neuropsychology
    PSYS133 Personality Psychology III B
    PSYS153 Work and Organization Psychology III B
    PSYS340 Psychological Councelling and Rehabilitation