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The Department of Early Childhood Education was founded in 1995 with the merging of the local training college for pre-primary teachers with the University of Jyväskylä's pre-primary education programme. Today, the discipline of Early Childhood Education is a part of the Department of Education and has more than 300 students and about 30 members of staff.

Training that opens many doors

The discipline encompasses a wide range of interests: scientific research and children's games are of equal importance to us. Our key words are learner-centredness, partnership, multidisciplinarity, and internationalism.

Experts in Childhood and Early Childhood Education

We offer courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Education and Master of Education. The University of Jyväskylä is the only place in Finland where early childhood education can be studied as a major subject. Degree programmes in Early Childhood Education (Kindergarten Teacher) are organized in Finnish.  

Quality Teaching and Research

Children's well-being and their socialization in early childhood education and in society as a whole are at the heart of all our activities. In our working methods we emphasize dialogue.

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