Research on the prerequisites and problems of learning has been a major research area within the University of Jyväskylä for decades. The network of researchers covers several faculties and academic disciplines. The research targets basic processes of learning, diagnostics and treatment of learning problems as well as questions of efficient instruction. Multidisciplinary research groups, longitudinal designs and an explicit aim of applying the findings into practice have been characteristic for the approach.

Developmental learning difficulties

Sub-themes include specific language impairment (SLI), reading and writing difficulties (dyslexia), foreign/second language learning problems, mathematic learning difficulties (dyscalculia), ADHD, motor learning problems, visuo-spatial perceptual disabilities, and conduct disorders.

Research on processes of learning

Sub-themes include development of learning and motivation, academic achievement, self-efficacy, foreign language learning, and relationships between these skill domains; risks and prediction of learning paths.


Sub-themes include development of assessment tools for learning disabilities, literacy and math pre-skills and achievement, foreign language learning, and internet reading skills.