CHILDCARE Research Project

The aim of the CHILDCARE Consortium is to examine the potential sources of inequality in Finnish childcare policies and consider how they could be overcome. Thus, the research questions relate both to day care services (early childhood education and care) and childcare allowances and vouchers. The latter ones are paid to parents to support home and informal care as well as private childcare. Due to legislative and other societal changes, municipal day care provision and childcare allowances have become increasingly diverse in Finland. Therefore, the Consortium studies the possible inequalities and their sources on broad scale - between regions and families, and in children’s early education trajectories and well-being. The research applies multiple methodologies and data.

The research project is carried out in collaboration with 10 municipalities that provide different combinations of day care services and cash benefits. The aim is to provide tangible models and ideas about how to support equality in Finnish childcare policies locally and nationally.

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