The Good Director/Superior Award

A good and successful work community consists of a capable staff and good directors and supervisors. Each year in the Annual Celebration of the University of Jyväskylä, with the support of the Jyväskylä University Fund, a good director or superior is rewarded. The next Annual Celebration will be held on Wednesday, 7 March 2018.

Criteria for the award

The prize is given to a director/superior, who has acted successfully as director of a department or superior of a unit for sufficiently long. Good practices of a superior can be described as follows: the superior

  • is well versed in different matters, gives grounds to decisions, is interactive, and has a sense of humor, 
  • treats the staff confidentially, supportively, appreciatively, and equally, 
  • fosters the strategic targets of the University when managing the profitability, economy and external cooperation of the unit in an open and proper way that promotes the primary duties of the unit, simultaneously bearing and sharing the responsibility,
  • helps to develop the professional skills of the staff and the activities of the unit by utilizing the latest achievements in the field of science/scope of activity and the previous competence and experience of the staff, 
  • promotes the job well-being and equality of the staff, and provides support to the staff in difficult situations.

Submitting a proposal and selection

Work communities, parts of the community, or individuals are invited to submit proposals for the recipient of the Good Director/Superior Award. The proposal should include, in addition to a general description, specific grounds as to why the proposed person should be awarded.

Proposals are addressed to the selection group of the prize and delivered to the Registry Office either in writing or via email (kirjaamo@jyu.fi) by Friday, 12 January 2018. The selection group consists of chief union representatives of occupational organizations, representatives of the university employer, and the contact person for equality issues. The selection group can also decide to award a director/superior not included in the submitted propositions.

Further information:
Director of HR Jouni Valjakka, tel. 050 3365404,  

The Good Director/Superior Awards

2017 liikuntakasvatuksen laitoksen johtaja, dosentti Kalervo llmanen
2016 Opettajankoulutuslaitoksen johtaja, tutkimuskoordinaattori Tiina Silander
2015 Erillislaitosten ja yliopistopalvelujen palvelukeskuksen ERPAKE:n palvelupäällikkö Tarja Keihäsvuori
2014 Fysioterapian professori Ari Heinonen
2013 Bio- ja ympäristötieteiden laitoksen johtaja, professori Jari Ylänne
2012 Englannin kielen professori Sirpa Leppänen
2011 Yhteiskuntatieteellisen tiedekunnan dekaani, psykologian professori Timo Ahonen
2010 Tutkimusjohtaja Sarianna Sipilä
2009 Fysiikan laitoksen johtaja, professori Jukka Maalampi
2008 Bio- ja ympäristötieteiden laitoksen johtaja, professori Juha Karjalainen
2007 Varhaiskasvatuksen laitoksen johtaja Anja-Riitta Lehtinen
2006 Kemian laitoksen johtaja Henrik Kunttu
2005 Ympäristöjohtamisen professori Hanna-Leena Pesonen
2004 Kielten laitoksen johtaja Tuula Hirvonen
2003 Kielikeskuksen johtaja Maija Kalin
2002 Taloustieteiden tiedekunnan dekaani, professori Jaakko Pehkonen
2001 Koulutuksen tutkimuslaitoksen johtaja Jouni Välijärvi
2000 Opiskelijapalvelun päällikkö Tuula Maijanen