FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony


I didn’t get an invitation. Can I participate in the Conferment of Degrees?

Answer: Anyone who has completed a master’s or doctor’s degree at the University of Jyväskylä and has not yet been conferred can participate. Invitations to the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony 2019 are sent in autumn 2018 to all who have completed their degree after the previous ceremony, that is, after 1 January 2016. Registration begins in autumn 2018.

My companion and I are both promovendi. How should we register?

Answer: Both of you need to register separately for the conferment ceremony and mark each other as a companion for the events. This way we will get appropriate registration data from both of you. The entry fee is charged from both upon registration.

Can I participate in the lake cruise only?

Answer: In such a case, you will miss the core of the conferment ceremony. The boats will be reserved primarily for the masters, doctors and invited guests who participate in the festivities of Friday and Saturday.

I will graduate during the spring. Why cannot I participate in the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony in May?

Answer: Although the ceremony takes place in May, the arrangements must be confirmed well in time. Therefore, we cannot accept registrations from those who graduate after XX.XX.2019. For this year’s degree ceremony, the main target group consists of masters and doctors who have graduated X.X.2016–X.X.2019. In due course, those who graduate after X.X.2019 will be invited officially for the next Conferment of Degrees Ceremony.

However, if you graduate early in 2019, you are offered an opportunity to participate in this year’s ceremony. The online registration form is open until XXX, and all who graduate and register by the end of XXX can still be included in the printed promovendi register book.

If you graduate after the above date but no later than by the end of XXX, please contact Vesa Holm, Coordinator of the Conferment Ceremony, tel. 040 805 4159, promootio@jyu.fi. You can register by email and your data will be published on the website, but not in the promovendi register book.

Can I attend the Saturday dinner party, although I am not going to dance the old dances?

Answer: That suits well. You will also have a chance to dance to lighter dance music played after the old dances, if you like.

How many dance practice sessions must I attend before I can participate in the old dances at the Dinner and Ball?

Answer: If you have danced this kind of old dances before, you can possibly learn them in a couple of practice sessions plus the final rehearsal. However, if the dances are new to you, it is recommendable to attend all the practice sessions or choose only a few of the dances and concentrate on them. The most important thing is that you will feel comfortable and self-confident to participate in the dances at the celebration.

What will happen in the party in honour of the Gratista and the Conferrer of Degrees?

Answer: The party is an informal closing banquet with food, drinks and a relaxed atmosphere.

Why is my name not on the list of participants? Can you confirm that my registration for the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony is in order?

Answer: Your permit for publishing your name was requested on the registration form. The small checkbox may easily have left unnoticed, but only the names of those who have checked the option are published. If you want to have your name on the list, please send an email message to promootio@jyu.fi. Thus, if your name does not appear on the list, it does not mean that your registration would have failed.

I have no companion. Does this affect my participation?

Answer: You can participate in all degree ceremony events without a companion. In the Garland Binding Dinner, two master’s promovendi without a companion will bind garlands for each other. In the Sword Sharpening Dinner, a marshal will roll the grindstone for a doctoral promovendi without companion. In the old dances, we aim to find a pair for everyone.  

Who can I take along as a companion?

Answer: Promovendi’s companion does not need to be his/her spouse or partner: there are no limitations for the selection of companion. However, we do not recommend having an underage companion.

Do I have to have the same companion to all events?

Answer: No, you can take a different companion to different events. Fill in your other companion's information (name, special diet) to the registration form's optional information section ("Comment"). E.g. you can take one companion to the Act of Conferement and a different one to the cruise.


Can I invite guests to the Act of Conferment?

Answer: Yes, but the number of seats for guests is limited. You can register max. two guests on the online form that will be published later. The entry fee for guests is €XX/person, paid upon registration. The Act of Conferment lasts for several hours and people are expected to be present throughout the event. Therefore, we recommend that no small children would be invited to attend the event. Please see Dress codes for Guests.

Which events the guests can attend?

Answer: Guests can be invited only to the Act of Conferment on Saturday, 25 May at noon. The public may freely watch the degree ceremony procession.

Dress codes

How strict are the dress codes?

Answer: The dress codes and related instructions should be followed as far as possible: For example, in the Act of Conferment female promovendi should have an outfit that is as simple and covering as possible.

Is it true that handbags are not allowed in the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony?

Answer: Handbags are not allowed in the Act of Conferment and the festive procession. You can leave your handbag either in the guarded cloakroom or a locked dressing room in the Main Building. At the Dinner and Ball, you can carry a small banquet bag.

What is the dress code for guests?

Answer: In the Act of Conferment male guests should wear either a tailcoat with a black vest or a dark suit. A female companion of a male guest in a tailcoat should wear a long black dress with long sleeves. If the male guest is wearing a dark suit, his female companion may also wear a shorter black dress. Guests may also wear their doctoral hats, but they are put on only after the conferrer of degrees has first done so.

Swords and rings

How can I participate in the joint order of doctoral swords or master’s rings?

Answer: You can purchase a doctoral sword or a master’s ring yourself or participate in a joint order. Further information about the orders will be available at the website: Doctoral hat and sword.

How to attach the sword to one’s dress?

Answer: Attaching the sword successfully to, for example, a dress made of thin fabric may be challenging. Therefore, you can use creative solutions and whatever means you see fit. One option is to order a separate sword belt together with the sword.

Is it necessary to buy the master’s ring?

Answer: No, it is not. However, you must wear a golden or gold-coloured ring in the index finger of your left hand in the Act of Conferment. 

Is it necessary to buy the doctoral sword?

Answer: Each doctoral promovendi must have the sword in the Sword Sharpening Dinner on Friday and in the Conferment Act on Saturday. The sword can be own or borrowed.