Master's ring

Master's ringThe golden Master's ring has been a symbol of the degree since the 19th century. Today Masters of Philosophy, Social Sciences, Education and Economic Sciences have their own rings. At the Ceremony, the Promovendi have their ring on top of their gloves to be touched by the Conferrer. During all other academic festivities the Master's ring is worn under the glove like any other ring.

Masters can order the Master’s ring from a jeweller’s. The Jeweller's that have made an offer for the University of Jyväskylä will be listed on this page.

It is not obligatory to buy the actual master's ring. However, you must wear a golden or gold-coloured ring in the index finger of your left hand in the Act of Conferment. 

Au-Holberg's rings are ordered from the online store. In other cases visiting in the jeweller's is recommendable (please see the table). 

The ordering is suggested to take place at the latest in the end of May due to factories' summer holidays. 

Prices in 2016: