People at the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony

People at the Conferment of Degrees Ceremony

The Ceremonial Garland Weaver

On Flora's day, May 13th, the Promovendi get together to choose a Ceremonial Garland Weaver, usually the daughter of a Professor at the University. The Degree Ceremony Committee asks the Ceremonial Garland Weaver's approval beforehand. The Garland Weaver then asks earlier weavers to instruct her on the needed knowledge and skills during a special evening party.

The Ceremonial Garland Weaver during the 2019 Degree Ceremony has not been chosen yet.

Conferrer of Degrees

The Conferrer of Degrees is usually the Faculty's or University's Professor with the most years of service. If s/he cannot attend, another Professor will be asked to perform this duty. For the Degree Ceremony in 201) the Conferrer of the Degrees will be professor Raimo Alén.


The University and the Gratisti or female Gratista, is in charge of the Ceremony's arrangements. The Gratista in the upcoming Degree Ceremony has not been chosen yet.

Head Marshal

The Head Marshal trains and supervises the marshals working at the Degree Ceremony. The Head Marshal also personally welcomes important guests and especially looks after Honorary Doctors. The Head Marshain the upcoming Degree Ceremony is postdoctoral researcher Mari Suoranta.


Marshals are assistants to the Master of Ceremonies and the Head Marshal. Marshals carry out various tasks, such as guide guests, stand honorary guard or watch at the doors. They help ensure that the Degree Ceremony goes according to plan. Marshals usually work in pairs.

Marshals can be identified by the marshal's band, which must be kept in immaculate condition. Usually the marshal's band is blue and white. The marshal's band, just like any other academic band, is worn from the right shoulder down to the left by men, and from the left shoulder down to the right by women. At the Degree Ceremony marshals wear black (full-length) clothing; the band must not touch bare skin. Marshals do not eat or dance wearing the band. Marshals' must also wear their student cap.

Towards the end of the Ball, the Marshals are released. This is marked by a special dance in which others do not participate.

The Master of Ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies makes sure that all the festivities go according to plan. The Master of Ceremonies during the upcoming Degree Ceremony is postdoctoral researcher Kasper Salin.


At the University of Jyväskylä, the conferment officials are the Conferrer of Degrees, the Master of Ceremonies and the Head Marshal, as well as the Gratisti or Gratista.

Primus Master and Doctor, Ultimus Master and Doctor

The highest ranking Master and Doctor are called the Primus/Prima, and the second highest Ultimus/Ultima.


The Master or Doctor to be conferred.