Programme of the European Researchers' Night

CHEMISTRY: The material world: from alchemy to revolutionary materials

Contact person: Aaron Mailman (aaron.m.mailman@jyu.fi)
Time: 16:00 - 22:00 - Location: Department of Chemistry (Chemistry 1)

Chemistry is one of the fundamental branches of the natural sciences that study the properties of matter. The origins of modern chemistry can be traced back to early alchemy and have advanced from the study of the properties of individual atoms to the formation of chemical bonds and complex molecules. Chemistry is a big part of our everyday life, from the air we breathe, the food we eat, to every object we touch and use on a daily basis, is all thanks to chemistry!

  • Chemistry of the elements and their compounds
  • An interactive laboratory with easy and fun experiments
  • Modern materials
  • Computational chemistry

19:00 - 19:45 Demonstration lecture, Juha Siitonen,Unconventional Chemistry (In English)

    • What's chemistry anyway? This and many other questions will be answered through striking demonstration experiments.

In addition to the interactive laboratory and experimental demonstrations, guided tours of the modern facilities and laboratories will be offered, with a video and poster displays and demonstrations of the equipment.

PHYSICS: From fundamental building blocks to space applications

Contact person: Arto Javanainen (arto.javanainen@jyu.fi)

Due to to the high demand, all the morning visits are fully booked. Still no worries, the accelerator laboratory and the physics department are open the whole night, and everyone will have the opportunity to see and feel the joys of physics research. Welcome!

Time: 14:00 - 23:00 - Location: Department of Physics (Accelerator Laboratory)

The Accelerator Laboratory hosts several research groups whose fundamental research spans from nuclear physics to industrial applications. During the Researchers' Night event people will be able to see the research equipment (e.g. accelerators) and meet the researchers. The research groups will provide a multitude of different demonstrations across the laboratory, the where people can for example learn how nuclei and their structure can be defined theoretically and experimentally. Also people can witness with their own eyes cosmic rays and other physical phenomena. Part of the demonstrations will show how nuclear physics methods can be utilized for revealing art forgeries, and Improve the reliability of satellites. People can bring some small art pieces for analysis.

    • 18:45-20:00 Live webcast from CERN control center: Come to hear CERN personnel introducing the huge accelerator complex and the worlds largest machine ever built, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The session will include also interviews of CERN researchers and open session where you can ask questions directly to CERN. Event will start with short (15 min) info on Finnish participation to CERN experiments.


BIOLOGY: Evolution all around

Contact person: Emily Burdfield-Steel (emily.r.burdfield-steel@jyu.fi)
Time: 14:00 - 22:00 (Museum 20:00) - Location: Jyväskylä University Museum in Vesilinna and Department of Biology

  • At 14:00 and 17:00 (University Museum, Vesilinna, Ihantolantie 5. Museum open until 20:00):

Visitors will be able to explore different ways plants and animals use deceptive strategies to survive against predators, to get food or to mate. Deception in the wild will be illustrated by using a mixture of museum specimens and visual media.

Also visitors will be able to take part in games animal that illustrate strategies for avoiding predation.

  • At 18:00 (University Museum, Vesilinna, Ihantolantie 5. Museum open until 20.00):

Darwin (prof. Janne Kotiaho) will guide visitors through the exhibition making observations about evolution. During the tour you will find out how evolution works and how you can see it in the nature.

  • 18:00 - 22:00 (Department of Biological and Environmental Science):

Why are humans so good at working together? How do group behaviours evolve? At this event visitors will learn about the research into human behaviour taking place at the university, and then get Involved by playing interactive games that illustrate the evolution of co-operation and other group behaviours. Both adults and children will get the chance to learn why birds flock together to avoid predators, and to co-operate, or not, with their fellow players in the group games

NANOSCIENCE: Try'n'see nano; nanoscience for all folks

Contact person: Jussi Toppari (j.jussi.toppari@jyu.fi)

School group visits also possible in earlier afternoon, please contact in advance.

Time: 14:00 - 23:00 - Location: Nanoscience Centre

Usually Nanoscience is felt as too small to see and too complicated to understand, or even something a bit scary. To abolish this impression, people can now test the methods used in nanoscience all by themselves in macroscopic form in the organised workshops.

The testing will be done by using specially developed teaching-models of nano-science, which are simplified and macroscopic versions of the real lab devices to clarify the principles. In addition, there are tours to the top research facilities of the Nano-Science Center to see the real Corresponding devices in action and many others. The tours will be guided by the Researchers of the Center who will answer to any questions - related to nano-science or research or just the life of a researcher. All the workshops will run multiple times during the whole evening.  

Try'n'see workshops (every hour, duration 15-30 min):

  • Atomic force microscopy (AFM)                  (Every exact hour)
  • Low temperatures and superconductivity   (Every half past hour)
  • Nanoparticles and molecules                     (Every exact hour)
  • Nanofabrication                                          (Every half past hour)

Laboratory tours (Each one every half an hour):

  • LabTour 1 (Related to workshops 1,2 & 4)
  • LabTour 2 (Related to workshops 3 & 4)

General Lecture at 18 - 18:30 Room YN121: How Nano Came to Jyväskylä - Information on nanoscience and its history in Jyväskylä

In addition, the event features a Nano Cinema, a tiny theater with movies about nanoscientists' work and visions playing nonstop. A reoccurring theme in all the videos is the general theme of the Researchers' night, i.e. "Change", and especially the visions of the researchers on it: "how could nanoscience develop the world into a better place?Also lots of other information via presentations and by asking will be available.


Contact person: Anniina Koliseva (anniina.koliseva@jyu.fi)

We are fully booked!

Time: 09:30 - 16:00 - Location: Physics Department 2nd  and 3rd floor, Chemistry Department student laboratory 

  • At 09:30 - 11:00, the Physics Department of the 2nd and 3rd floor
  • What is science? LUMA activities for younger children
    • Target age: 4-6 years
    • Small hands-on activities are mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry and IT
    • Registration is recommended before hand
  • At 12:00 - 16:00, Chemistry Department student laboratory 
  • CSI -investigation for students
    • Target age: 10-12 & 13-16 years
    • Crime scene investigations by using techniques chemist's
    • Registration is recommended before hand


Contact person: Jenni Ruotsalainen (jenni.m.ruotsalainen@jyu.fi)

School group visits also possible in morning, please contact in advance.

Time: 9:00 – 16:00 - Location: Ruusupuisto, University of Jyväskylä, the Alvar Aalto Street 9

Ruusupuisto invites preschoolers and first graders to participate in story adventure!

During the adventure with your teacher we’ll listen, wonder, ask questions, and try to find solutions together. You’ll get to explore four different activities within an hour. Future teachers will guide you through the story adventure

Time: 15:00 - 19:00 - Location: Ruusupuisto, University of Jyväskylä, the Alvar Aalto Street 9

Technology and learning - how does it work?

We are designing effective, interactive experiences that actively motivate and engage us in the learning process. Come and experience technology-enhanced and game-based learning: What it is, how it works, and the where it's going?

Time: 11:00 - 18:00 - Location: Jyväskylä City Library, Main Library (main library of Jyväskylä) 

Reading is fun!

Are you interested in your own reading fluency? Would you like to Improve your reading skills? Come and test your reading speed and reading discuss with the experts of the University of Jyväskylä.

HAUKKALA FOUNDATION, FACULTY OF EDUCATION: Early childhood education and care in a turning point?

 Contact person: Päivi Fadjukoff (paivi.fadjukoff@jyu.fi)

Time: 10:00 – 16:00 - Location: Ruusupuisto, University of Jyväskylä, the Alvar Aalto Street 9, Helena hall

Welcome to discuss about the current development of early childhood education and care!  

    •  The morning sessions are in English, and the programme begins with a keynote by Professor Mathias Urban:
      We can turn the tide: Reclaiming well-being and social justice as the foundation of early childhood education.
      Comments by the Finnish Ombudsman for Children Tuomas Kurttila and Professors Maarit Alasuutari and Lea Pulkkinen.
    •  The afternoon programme will be in Finnish and discuss tensions and changes within early childhood education and care such as: why and what kind of development is needed?
      What are the experiences of families and children?

 Register by 26.9.! More information: https://haukkalafoundation.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/seminary-early-childhood-education-and-care-in-a-turning-point-30-9-2016/

JYVÄSKYLÄ UNIVERSITY MUSEUM: Magical Adventures into the History of Architecture, Art and Science

Jyväskylä University Museum together with the Department of art and culture studies. In co-operation with the Balassi-Institut, Hungarian cultural and scientific centre, Helsinki
Contact person: Saana Kataja-aho (saana.m.kataja-aho@jyu.fi)
Time: 16:00 - 23:00 - Location: 
Jyväskylä University Museum, Seminarium building and Exhibition centre Soihtu, Seminaarinkatu 15

Jyväskylä University Museum offers a magical adventure into the history of architecture, art and science. The visitors of the European Researchers' Night are invited to our interactive exhibits and to join interesting community activities, games, workshops and presentations featuring a wide collection of topics, ranging from the history of the University of Jyväskylä, through visual illusions to the borderlands of sciences and the arts. 

Activities include:

    • Let’s build up 4Dframe Experience Workshop’s giant dome until 22!    
    • Play with the coolest new puzzles such as PolyUniverse, Gondos' ScienTile, Jomili and try the mathemagical carpets by Katalin Gál from Hungary, ITSPHUN, LUX BLOX and Zometool from the US, and many-many more... !
    • Molecular football, Basketball nano-art & science body building in the framework of the Tangram - discover the Art of Maths exhibit. 
    • Meet the first Finnish internationally famous astrophysicist Anders Johan Lexell (Johan Stén) from the 18th century!
    • Come, see and try the interactive video installation Touch (Tuomas Tuomiranta) where you can paint virtually on the screen using the outlines of your body!
    • Try the pendulum painting at 16-18!
    • Magic path with torches for children/families at 17.30-18.30, again at 19.00 and at 21.00 for adults too. Guided tour!

The Seminarium building has an amazing light show by Valon kaupunki!

The event at Seminarium starts at 16.00 with the announcing the winner of the first 4D Frame Competition in Bridges Finland 2016 Conference. Come and see the young designers and the exhibition of their work.

See also Marja Rumpunen and Julia Korkman as “the Mathematician and the artist” musical performance in Seminarium at 18.30-19.00.

Visual illusion: VIVID SPIRIT exhibition in Soihtu.

The ancient scientists, artists and other important persons will meet each other at 20.00, come and see if they find “a common language” to discuss. Short lectures and info about the science and art of our honored quests at 20.15 - 21.00.




Contact person: Jarno Mikkonen (jarno.e.mikkonen@jyu.fi)
Time: 17:00 - 20:00 - Location: Kauppakeskus Forum, 2nd floor

Late night with brain.

Hi-Res brain images and figures of brain activity and morphology presented as an art exhibition. Artist-scientists will describe and discuss their work during the exhibition.

Short talks to general public. Department of Psychology brain research people will describe their research in layman terms.

Disco with brain activity as the DJ.

Time: 17:00 - 21:00 - Location: Mattilanniemi 6 - Kärki building MEG laboratory

Sleeping beauty and other tales from the brain

Open doors at eye-tracking, EEG and MEG laboratories. Public is invited to observe and maybe participate in experiments in the laboratories. Additionally, MEG laboratory will demonstrate an on-line sleep study. 

CENTRE FOR APPLIED LANGUAGE STUDIES: Opening learning environment: the school of the future

Contact person: Tamás Péter Szabó (tamas.p.szabo@jyu.fi)
Time: 13:30 - 16:00 - Location: Kukkumäentie 27 Jyväskylä

Opening learning environment: the school of the future, as the community of Valter School Onerva sees it; as you see it; and as researchers of learning environments see it.

We invite you to explore the new premises of Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting, Onerva which manifests how teachers, students and architects created the school of the future which makes education accessible for all. Further information and registration here.


Contact person: Saara Jäntti (saara.j.jantti@jyu.fi)
Room: Musica, Boom Box

15.00: Arts of Belonging research project presentation

In the research project Arts of Belonging - the materiality and affectivity of homing we examine the processes related to belonging to places and spaces by engaging with various art forms and cultural products such as films, photos, different forms of writing, drama and cultural heritage.

15.30-17.30  Meaningful Places in Jyväskylä. Photo collection and discussion.

In his study one of our team members, Antti Vallius uses photo elicitation and visual analysis. In this event, you can bring your own photo of a place that is important to you and share the story related to it. The place the photo depicts can be one that can be found today - or one that has disappeared. You can also add your photo directly to the Facebook page of the event: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1137888602957423/?fref=ts

You can also bring a printed photo to the Researchers’ Night and have it photographed and add it on Facebook with the story related to it, if you like.

Creative break - Project presentation

At 18.00 -19.00 What belongs home? Drama workshop on the meaning s of home

Saara Jäntti’s research is based on applied drama as a means and method of research. In this workshop you can experience what kinds of information and data can be produced through the use of drama. The drama workshop is directed by Riku Laakkonen.

To whom: anyone

Languages: Finnish and English



Contact person: Outi Merisalo (outi.o.merisalo@jyu.fi)
Time: 18:00 - 20:00 - Location: University Library, seminar room, 1st floor

Public: anybody interested in books

Finland's largest book historical research project TRALMAR (Transmission of Knowledge in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Academy of Finland and University of Jyväskylä 2013-2017) will present its research on what texts people were reading at the end of the period of the hand-written book and at the beginning of the age of printing.  Come and discover incunables (books printed before 1501) from the collections of the University Library, commented upon by members of the project.

DEPARTMENT OF ART AND CULTURE STUDIES: The World Hobbit Project in Finland - Uses of Fantasy

Contact person: Irma Hirsjärvi (hirsjarvi@gmail.com)
Time: 16:00 - 20:00 - Location: Agora main lobby, Maatilanniemi 2

Uses of Fantasy is the Finnish sub-project of the World Hobbit Research Project. It is currently funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation (for one year, starting in 2016). In 2008 Martin Barker, Emeritus Professor of Film and Television Studies at the University of Aberystwyth, launched the international comparative research on The Lord of the Rings film adaptation trilogy, and in 2014 the new international reception study about the The Hobbit film trilogy commenced in 46 countries and 38 languages with an online survey (Barker et. al. 2014–15). The data (36 000 responses) collected via the survey was expected to open up new research questions about the global reception of the trilogy, and the production, activity and meaning-making processes of the members of the audience.

The Finnish sub-project Uses of Fantasy is coordinated by Research Centre for Contemporary Culture at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. The project focuses on the following questions:

  • What is the meaning of fantasy to the respondents, and what does fantasy bring to their lives
  • How are questions of identity, fandom and cultural consumption visible in the meaning-making processes of the respondents
  • What kinds of transmedial strategies of media use can be found through the practices of media use as reported in the data
  • How do conceptions of national, territorial and cultural identity affect the processes of meaning-making as well as strategies of reception within the audience of the Hobbit trilogy?

The responses of the Finnish audience to The Hobbit films are scrutinized through these questions, using the websites and internet discussions of Tolkien and fantasy fans as background. The questions will shed light of the personal views in cross national analyses of the appeal of this transnational phenomenon.


Contact person: Mikaela von Bonsdorff (mikaela.vonbonsdorff@jyu.f)
Time: 14:00 - 17:00 - Place: Viveca 130, Rautpohjankatu 8, Hippos 

  • Researchers live talks about the latest knowledge about active ageing every hour.
  • The audience can take part in different tests used generally in ageing research.
  • Open doors - how does an ageing researcher look like -  come and see for yourself!


MUSIC: Journey to the Interdisciplinary Music Labs – Education, Motion and Therapy

 Contact person: Juan Ignacio Mendoza (juigmend@student.jyu.fi)

 School group visits also possible in the morning or afternoon, please contact in advance.

 Time: 10:00 - 18:00 - Location: Basement of Musica building (Music Department, show map)

      Two permanent exhibitions where visitors can interact with technology used in music performance, research and education. You are most welcome to come in at any time and try out our musical devices that let you explore music and technology in a fun and creative way. No special skills needed. School group visits are also available during this time, please contact in advance. Groups up to 25 people can fit into either room.

  •  Music and Movement Lab (room M014), 10:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 18:00 
    Learn about our Motion Capture system and how we use it to understand how people move when making and listening to music. Visitors will have the chance to try the musical instruments that we have developed using this cutting-edge technology.
  •  Music Technology Lab (room M015), 14:00 - 18:00 
    Meet the Edutorni, a product of research in music education technology. Visitors will have the chance to try the Edutorni.

 Time: 19:00 - 21:00 - Location: Basement of Musica building (Music Department, show map)

 A guided tour through the research facilities at the Music Department. The tour has three stations and in each one a short presentation will be given.

  •  Music Therapy Clinic for Research and Training (room M007) 
    Introduction to our research in music psychology, cognition, and therapy with practical applications. 
  •  Music Technology Lab (room M015)
    Interactive presentation of the Edutorni, a tool for music education.
  •  Music and Movement Lab (room M014) 
    Interactive presentation of our Motion Capture system and how we use it to understand how people move when making and listening to music.


Contact person: Tiina Jakobsson (tiina.jakobsson@jyu.fi)
Time: 15:00 - 19:00 - Place - Ruusupuisto, Alvar Allonkatu 9

  • PISA Questions: Have a go at the most famous competence study in the world, testing your wits against a set of questions taken from the exam. Will you be able to score full points?
  • Docent Help: Our resident docent Eeva Kallio is always eager to spread her wisdom to those who are willing to listen. This time she will be offering you pointers on how to develop your thinking and eventually become that much wiser.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd: technology for business

Contact person: Elina Pääkkönen (elina.paakkonen@vtt.fi)

Time: 14:00 - 20:00 - Location: Agora main lobby, Maatilanniemi 2

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd is the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries. We use our research and knowledge to provide expert services for our domestic and international customers and partners, and for both private and public sectors. We make technology for business – for the benefits of people.

    • New products from wood fibres
      Change is happening also in forest industry. We have a lot of wood-based raw-material in Finland, but what new we could do with that? Foam assisted forming technology introduces new exciting opportunities to develop totally new sustainable wood fibre based products. Foam forming technology is ready to replace oil-based products, which are now used e.g. in packaging and in construction industry. Come to brainstorm more with us!
    • Explore the properties of bio-based raw materials and fuels
      What are the main characteristics of fuels? What kinds of raw materials can be utilized for energy production? What do they look? Come explore, to ask for more and to participate in the competition!

SIMHE-UniPID: Migration and higher education

Read more about SIMHE-UniPID Project

Contact person: Marita Häkkinen (marita.h.hakkinen@jyu.fi)
Time: 15:00 - 19:00 - Location: Agora main lobby, Mattilanniemi 2

    • Finding your own academic path
      Would you like to know more about the university studies in Finland? Are you interested in a particular university or a field of study? How to apply to a Finnish university? Who can guide me through this process? Will my previous studies and working experience recognised be? Pop by the SIMHE-UniPID stand to check out the questions related Higher Education and migration!
    • SIMHE Research Lottery
      In every human being there lives a little researcher... but who was first? The hen or the egg, the researcher or her / his subject?
      Would you like to do research but lack interesting phenomena to study? Not sure of which method or theory to use?
      Let our light-hearted but content-weighty SIMHE Research Lottery help you! We provide you with up-to-date theme-options and / or suggestions of theories and methodology. Come, raffle and get inspired!

FinCEAL-UniPID: Development, Research, and Innovation

Read more about FinCEAL

Contact person: Eva Kagiri-Kalanzi (eva.m.kagiri@jyu.fi)
Time: 16:00 - 20:00 - Location: Agora main lobby, Mattilanniemi 2

Within the European Researcher’s Night theme of change, UniPID-FinCEAL will provide insights on why and how to tackle hot topics in international development. Is development cooperation changing global issues, or is it trying to catch up to global changes? What is Finland’s and everyone’s role in this?

  • What is everyone's role in global development?
FinCEAL+ will briefly present the work from Finnish Institutions on development, cooperation and innovation with Africa, Asia and LAC. Ranging from awards to interactive maps, researchers are actively interested in engaging with global societies, but what does that mean to everyone? Take part and see what kind of role you could have in global issues.

  • Have your say!

What issues do you think are important? What would you like to see in the future? And what does development mean in times of crisis (unemployment, fund and investment cuts, climate change, and security concerns)? Join us in giving critical perspectives and insights on changes you’d like to see.


Contact person: Henna Gustafsson (henna.m.a.gustafsson@jyu.fi)
Time: 13.00 - 20.00, Location: Agora main lobby, Mattilanniemi 2
At EU CORNER you will find information on European Union, research funding opportunities and you can get familiar with EU funded research projects and researchers.


MUSEUM OF CENTRAL FINLAND: Archeology workshop

Contact person: archeologist Miikka Kumpulainen (miikka.kumpulainen@jkl.fi)
Time: 17:00 - 19:00 - Location: Museum of Central Finland, Alvar Aallon katu 7, workshop Kontti 2nd floor

Archaeology is the study of the human past through its material remains. Archeological study material consists mainly of artifacts, faunal remains, graves, old maps and human altered landscapes.

Come and learn how archeologist study and document. In the workshop you get the chance to examine objects that are thousands of years old. There is an own section to metal detector enthusiasts also. Workshop is nonstop, no registration needed.


JYVÄSKYLÄN SIRIUS: The magic of stars

Contact person: Arto Oksanen ()
Time: 20:00 - 23:00 - Location: Rihlaperä observatory

The Rihlaperä observatory is open to public from 20:00  to 23:00. See various astronomical objects with your own eyes through large telescopes. If the weather is not good for observations then we will talk about astronomy as a hobby. Rihlaperä observatory is located in Kypärämäki, close to the hospital http://www.ursa.fi/yhd/sirius/sivut/upkuvat/kartta.gif.

Time: 20:00 - 23:00 - Location: Department of Physics, Lecture room FYS5

Remote observations from the Hankasalmi observatory. Live demonstration of remote observation with the robotic telescope of Hankasalmi observatory. If the weather is not clear we will look at observations that have been done with this telescope in the past.