Programme 28.9.2018

Here you can find the programme of Researchers' Night 2018 at University of Jyväskylä. The programme has been categorised by the campus area buildings, in which different faculties demonstrate their work and offer interesting workshops and tours relating to their work. 

At Agora will be many workshops with IT and technology, such as robotics and artificial intelliegence. Also the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences and wellbeing ecosystem project KeHO present test points and information about health, wellbeing and ageing. 

At Ruusupuisto you can learn about language, psychology and brain research with panel discussions, multilingual activities and workshops. 

At Seminarium are panel discussions and exhibitions about European cultural heritage and history, especially about the Civil War of 1918. 

At Ylistönrinne the Faculties of Matchematics and Science will be presenting workshops and laboratory tours about Biolology, Physics, Chemistry and much more.

More interesting programme in other locations can be found from e.g. the Natural Museum in Vesilinna, Art Museum Holvi and the Observatory of Rihlaperä.

For English-speakers; look for the red In English -tag next to the description - these activities are exclusively in English! You can take part in most of the activities anyway (our researchers are happy to speak English), but a yellow In Finnish -tag next to an event description means the event is only in Finnish (e.g. lectures, panel discussions and seminars).