At Agora

Micro workshop
08.15–09.45, 10.00–11.30, 12.00–13.30, 14.00–15.30
Agora Latin (B112.2)
The basics of algorithmic thinking, coding and robotics. Suitable for classes 1-4. Duration 90 minutes. Each time slot is for one class or maximum of 24 students. 

Robot driver's licence 
08.15–09.45, 10.00–11.30, 12.00–13.30, 14.00–15.30
Agora 5. krs Oppimo
Test your skills with driving robots and get your own robot driver's licence. Suitable for classes 3-6. Duration 90 minutes. Each time slot is for one class or maximum of 24 students. 

Pimp your micro:bit
08.15–09.45, 10.00–11.30, 12.00–13.30, 14.00–15.30
Agora Africa (B112.1)
All possibilities of using micro:bit miniature computers. Use your imagination and create an innovative technological solution. Suitable for classes 5-9. Duration 90 minutes. Each time slot is for one class or maximum of 24 students. 

Brain teasers for the whole family
Kärki building (next to Agora main building) 
Learn about the brain, visit the brain research laboratory and meet scientists.

Robotics workshops
Agora micro classes:

La­tin (B112.2)
Africa (B112.1)
Eu­ro­pe (B113.1)

What makes kids move?
Agora Alfa
What happens in your body when you move? The Sport Sciences Faculty's experiment point, suitable for children. 

STIMEY workshops
Agora, B301 3rd floor
Welcome aboard the STIMEY workshops where you will learn about interesting STEM-subjects! The idea behind STIMEY is to get kids exited about STEM-subjects (natural sciences, technology, and mathematics) with a new kind of learning environment, which combines robotics, a social online learning platform, radio, and learning games. We are eager to hear your thoughts and feedback in order to continue developing the project in the right direction! The workshops include robots, physics simulations, and other stimulating instruments that help in learning about STEM-subjects. There will be two workshops for one class of students each, lasting 90 minutes. You are warmly welcome to come and see us even if you are not participating in a workshop yourself! For more information about STIMEY H2020, please visit: http://promostimey.uca.es/  

Nature relaxation
12.00 onward nonstop, Agora D122.1
A part of KeHO activities at Researchers' Night http://www.kehofinland.fi/ Take a rest for a few minutes and relax with Central Finland nature park views.

EU corner
13.00­­–20.00 Agora lobby
The Research and Innovations Services present up to date information about the EU and research funding - come and learn about EU-funded research projects and meet researchers. 

Department of Health Sciences, Gerontology Research Center: Am I ageing actively? 
Tested facts about ageing and factors relating to it. There will be short info sessions in Auditorium 2 on the hour 14-17, and you can participate in testing your physical strength (Alfa) or take part in cognitive tests (Beta). You can read the whole programme here: http://www.gerec.fi/ajankohtaista/gerec-mukana-jyvaskylan-yliopiston-tutkijoiden-yossa-28.9.2018

What happens when we move?
Agora Alfa
Take a peek inside your body - what happens when you sit and move, how your brain controls the movement and how to build your strenght?

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland: From the effluent of the candy factory to wood-based packaging materials 
14.00–20.00 Agora lobby
A lot valuables are discharged with effluents - what about utilizing them? What new we can do from wood fibres? What kind of renewable energy solutions we are developing? Come and meet our researchers and see how the effluent of the candy factory looks like!

KeHO - wellbeing in Central Finland! In Finnish.
Brief wellbeing Q&As 
14.30, 15.30, 16.30, 17.30, 18.30, Agora Auditorium 2

We are co-creating an internationally known, Finnish wellbeing ecosystem in Central Finland. Nearly 20 organizations are committed to the multifaceted collaboration, combining research, development, innovation, and practice. Both the individual and community levels are considered in the core of our model. http://www.kehofinland.fi/
Everyone can join this collaboration, for instance in “Meijän polku” (Our Path), the newly established public health programme, aiming to improve wellbeing in Central Finland through four assets: nature, exercise, rest, and community spirit. http://www.meijanpolku.fi/
Welcome to hear, see, and experience more in the Researchers’ Night!

IT faculty's cyber-, AI-, robotics- and game points
16.00–21.00 Agora lobby
IT faculty's interactive learning points with robots, virtual reality and other interesting features! 

Hyper spectrum - see the worls with dog's eyes!
16.00–21.00 Agora lobby
Experts are bringing a spectrum camera which can construct images which look like the vision of a dog.

3D printing in practice
16.00–21.00 Agora lobby
Get familiar with 3D printing! At the stand you can see a 3D printer at work and hear more about the Opti3D project which promotes a wider use of 3D printing in Central Finland. The project is funded by the Regional Council of Central Finland.

Digital trends
16.00–21.00, Agora lobby
What do you know about digital trends? Come to answer a short survey about digital trends. Get to know how Digipolku project works and hear more about with free digital workshops for businesses and associations. The project is funded by Regional Council of Pirkanmaa (European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and State Financing, Vipuvoimaa EU 2014-2020), Regional Council of Central Finland, University of Jyväskylä's it-faculty, all Central Finland development companies and 10 Central Finland municipalities.

Researchers' Night at the Etteplan Test Laboratory
18.00–20.00 Kärki-building, next to Agora. Visitors meet in the lobby.
The programme is suitable for all ages and the whole family.
- Drop tests for Lego-structures
- Examine the results with the help of a high-speed camera
- Discover the contents of Mystery Boxes with x-ray microscope